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Package Add-ons

********** All Prices Are Subject to Taxes ************


    Unlimited pop, juice & bottled water. Based on 2 hour parties with no more than 25 adults $39.99 
    For 3 hour parties $49.99

    Small (serves 15) $16.99   
    Large (serves 24) $29.99

    2-3oz all white meat chicken breast tenders
    1 pound (8-9 pc) $22.00   

    Not Included

    One cheese party size pizza (24 slices) $24.99
    Each additional topping $4.99

    Character, Single Layer Sponge cakes are made with real whipping cream.  
    10’ round (serves 20 people) $35
    10x10 (serves 25 people) $40
    15x9 (serves 35-40 people) $55
    14x14 (serves 45-50 people) $75
    Candles $2.00 AND UP
    Prices may vary for double layer with buttercream filling.  

    Prices starting at a minimum of $10 per child and must be ordered 30 days in advance.

    Minimum order is 12 (includes condiments and buns) $1.89 EACH

    Specializing in Princess Events and Princess Birthday Parties 

    All children will be seated at the Royal Table, honoring the special Birthday Boy or Girl.  Children will be enchanted and swept off their feet by the beauty, grace and poise of a lovely classic Disney Princess. The lovely princess of choice will bedazzle the children while singing and telling their heartwarming story that captured the hearts of many.

    Prices include a Classic Disney Princess (cost may vary on length of Princess performance). Royal tableware and centerpieces will be provided. Includes a pizza lunch and birthday cake.

    View photos of our Princess Parties on our Facebook Page

    Mascott performers, Disney Princess and Super Hero Character services available for rent. Fees are as low as $155 for a 45 minute presentation.

    Face Painting rates start at $150 per hour and must be booked at least 30 days in advance.

    Plain Balloons $1.50 EACH
    1 Dozen Balloons (12) $15.95
    2 Dozen Balloons (24) $25.95
    Printed Balloons $1.99 EACH
    Mylar Character Foil Balloons $6.00 AND UP
    Balloon Weights $1.99